Tornet Fastighetsutveckling AB (eng. Tornet Property Development AB) in Sweden has a number of developing areas, whereof Fyllinge (part of the city of Halmstad, south-west in Sweden) is one with special interest since the municipality has invited for innovative solutions and new and somewhat „daring“ and „challenging“ concepts to really address and initiate a change of use for the limited resources at hand.

The plans for Fyllinge include around 2000 apartments in combination with recreation areas and areas for urban farming. Tornets plans for Fyllinge already include local production of heat and electricity in form of hybrid solar panels and geothermal heating. In addition to that, the area is in proximity to the shopping center „hallarna“ which contains several commercial actors with cooling, heating, and electricity needs such as grocery stores and pharmaceutical stores. An Energy Community in this area would have the potential of connecting all these actors and enable more efficient use of the locally produced energy. The area also plans to develop special lanes for electrical busses which also could serve as an interesting actor in the system. In Fyllinge INTERACT will be designed for new developer districts.