A Holistic Solution for Smart Grids based on LINK– Paradigm: new book published in November 2021

This new book published by Springer was elaborated by Prof. Albana Ilo and Dr. Daniel-Leon Schultis. It represents a profound explanation of the LINK-paradigm that is being applied also in INTERACT project. The authors are also representatives of TU Wien in the INTERACT project.

This book presents a holistic solution for Smart Grids that includes the electricity: producers, electricity storages, grids, market and customer plants. The authors have derived the architectural paradigm for Smart Grids LINK from the signature of their fractal structure. The presented LINK-based holistic architecture enables the large-scale integration of distributed energy resources by minimising the data to be exchanged, thus considering privacy and cyber security by design. The straightforwardness of LINK-Solution is related to its standardised structures, enabling the coupling of energy and non-energy sectors and Energy Communities. The Volt/var chain control as one of the most challenging operation processes of Smart Grids is covered in detail in this edition.

Chapter by chapter, the reader is smoothly introduced to this unique solution, facilitating its practical implementation. This book is a valuable resource for experts, consultants, engineers, scientists, and students in the Smart Grids area and actors of the electricity market and politicians.

Further information on LINK-Paradigm can be found in section About of this webpage and here.

LINK book