INTERACT connects at the ‘URBAN FUTURE 22’ in Helsingborg, Sweden

On June 1-3, 2022, the global community of urban shapers met in Helsingborg for the URBAN FUTURE conference. Project members of the INTERACT project followed the invite of JPI URBAN Europe to join the conference, and meet project members of all four JPI Urban Europe funded projects (Cities4PEDs, INTERACT, PED-ID, Trans-PED).

To that end, JPI Urban Europe Coordinator Christoph Gollner and his team organized a joint dinner for all project members to start discussions and getting to know the “JPI community” in an informal setting. This served as a fruitful start for the joint workshop collaborations on the second conference day, in which all projects were invited to present their progresses and project results. In a workshop setting, table discussions were held to deepen inter-project exchange on topics that are relevant to the joint goal of achieving PEDs.

These table discussions addressed the topic of the definitions and mapping of PED districts, and the challenges and barriers existing in the identification of districts that aim towards achieving “plus-energy”. Closely related is the topic of assessment methodologies and how varying criteria and methods to define a PED could be unified. A third group was focusing on the level of cities instruments and neighborhood dynamics that foster and promote the creation and implementation of PEDS. A fourth group discussed the experiences, challenges and successful examples of stakeholder engagement within the projects and towards establishing PED projects were discussed.