🎥 INTERACT – Integration of Innovative Technologies of Positive Energy Districts into a Holistic Architecture

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We currently live in a time where we use more of the world’s resources than we should. Power systems are transitioning to more decentralised, flexible and autonomous operations. Climatic changes caused by our dependency on coal, oil and gas are leading to unusual extreme weather events, droughts drop in water levels and raising concerns about the long-term reliability of the electricity supply.  

INTERACT is here to support this transition and to enable the large-scale implementation of renewable distributed resources operating harmonised with the power grid meaning by respecting and solving technical challenges within these new, more flexible structures.  

The LINK architecture encompasses the high, medium and low voltage grid as well as the single grid connection points, which we call customer plants. We also propose the reorganization of the market structure according to the fractal principle, so that markets are mirroring in a better way the physical flows of electricity. 

INTERACT focuses on Energy Communities, which build one of the significant blocks for creating positive energy districts. Districts which are producing over all more energy than they consume throughout the whole year. The energy community interacts with the power grid so that demand response processes can be performed, and services can be established and developed for the community

The INTERACT energy community aims to optimise the generation and consumption locally, promote the integration of distributed energy resources, improve the capacity use of the existing infrastructure, and create the best possible services for its members so that the energy community is viable and sustainable.